Look Lash Lounge Salon and Spa is achieving great lengths in beauty and service. Health and longevity is of the utmost importance with any service. All products used are specially designed for each service and are of the highest quality and standards. Complimentary consultations are provided with every visit to ensure proper after care and the best possible experience for our guests.

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Jenni K.6/12/15

"Carlena was an absolute delight and my lashes are amazing! I can't wait to go back, I have found my new lash girl. "

Emilie C.6/11/15

"I was SO nervous to get lashes. I found Lena on groupon and decided to just do it. I am SO GLAD I did. Lena was amazing. She told me to calm down and trust her, and she was right. My lashes are the perfect length, size and shape. I am so glad I found her and I will be doing back to her EVERY time."

Gloria S.6/04/15

"I found this place through groupon. If you are a person like me that reads reviews,don't hesitate and ignore the other negative reviews. The owner was pleasant. I was very nervous because this was my first time getting eyelash extensions, she walked me through the process and made me feel confident. No pain & you could easily fall asleep lol. She was professional, I left happy. I still have a refill to use."

Rita H.5/23/15

"Love getting my lashes done with Lena! "

Keneshia P.5/17/15

"This was my first time getting my lashes done. It was a very good experience! She was very nice!"

Sophia L.5/02/15

"I love Carlena! She is very professional! She wants to make sure your lashes look the best!"

Kara G.4/30/15

"She was very fun. I felt like I was hanging out with my girl friend. She held her self very professional, her room was beautiful. The only complaint I would have is getting to her place. I was 15 mins early and it took me all of that time to figure out how to get up to her. But once we were up there with her, everything was awesome. My friend was with and she was very impressed by how long and natural my lashes looked. I would refer anyone to her!"

Jennifer T.4/21/15

"Carlene was wonderful. Very personable. She will make sure u r happy with your lashes. I love mine!!!"

Christina S.4/18/15

"Always professional, always quality service, and I always feel beautiful when I leave!!"

Kim O.3/26/15

"Once again, I had an awesome appointment with Carlena...she is so easy to talk to and I really enjoyed getting to know her. I would definitely recommend her to do your lashes!!! "

Karla M.3/19/15

"She makes my lashes look great and so natural!"

Megan S.2/27/15

"I loved my experience with Lena! She is easy to talk to and calming. So calming I admit I fell asleep :) I will continue to go to her. I love Look Lash Lounge Salon and Spa! Definitely book your next appointment here!"

Erica W.2/23/15

"I have been getting my lashes filled for several months now, and her work is great. I know that my own lashes aren't being compromised like some other salons I have been to so that is very important. I have had the synthetic and the 4d and my favorite is the 4d. They look amazing and have lasted longer for ME than the synthetic. "

Lorraine P.12/29/14

"I've had lashes applied a few times in the past. My eyes were always red and the glue irritated my eyes for 24 hours or so. Not true with the Mink lashes and adhesive used. I keep forgetting they are there and they look amazing. I purchased for the holidays, but I am scheduling a fill because they look so great. I want to keep them."

Pat S.12/17/14

"Good job, thanks."

Bradey T.12/17/14

"I was super worried that sitting still for an hour and a half would be tough for my antsy pants. Not the case at all. Lena was extremely friendly, very delicate and was so much fun to chat with! My lashes look AMAZING and I'm beyond excited! I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror. "

Shannon H.12/16/14

"Precision ! She enjoys what she does and it shows .she has a life time customer in me"

Kristina G.9/22/14

"This was my third (and best) experience having artificial lashes placed. Carlena did a fabulous job and while it is not in my budget to have lashes on all the time, she will definitely be my go-to-girl for special occasions. Highly recommended!"

Nichelle P.7/03/14

"I'll continue to come to Lena because she knows what she's doing better than other lash artists that I gone to. Thank you"

Patt L.7/01/14

"Great work...high quality. Lena is friendly."

Nicole I.6/04/14

"Lena is did such an amazing job on my lashes.. Now I'm addictided! ;) she is such a perfectionist.. Every lash laid right where it was supposed to be. The last place I went to; I had lashes going every direction. She is so sweet and makes you feel so comfortable. You will not be disappointed if you go see Lena for your lashes! You'll be addicted to eyelash extensions too! ;) - Nicole I."

Shirley F.5/30/14

"Lena is AWESOME! She's great at making me feel at ease and so comfortable! I've received many compliments from family, friends and even strangers and it makes me feel great!! I absolutely love, love, LOVE my lashes! Thanks Lena! "

Kim R.4/29/14

"If you love your lashes, you have to see Lena!! I had gone to another location twice (a nail shop nearby) and my lashes were in a bad state. They were clumpy with black chunks of glue, there were even bald spots from the weight of multiple extensions placed on one lash. I was embarassed, but Lena reassured me that it wasn't anything that she hadn't seen before and she could get me fixed up! She walked me through everything that she was doing and was so kind. My first fill with her left me feeling much more confident. I just had my second and I feel amazing! I have the sexy lashes I've spent a decade wishing for! I couldn't recommend anyone with more enthusiasm. Her pricing is fantastic, her work is amazing and Lena can read people and tell if you are interested in talking or just relaxing! There is NO reason to see anyone else!!"

DANNI W.4/25/14

"First and foremost I'd like to complement Lena's bedside manner. She is one of the most charming stylist I've ever encountered. Her attention to detail and professionalism is unsurpassed. There's no one else I'd rather trust these pretty browns to than LASHES BY LENA."

Benedicta K.4/23/14

"I'm in the lash business and after the work I've seen on clients I wouldn't trust anyone else but Lena with my lashes. They never tangle, or clump because she is a perfectionist and thats why I love her!!! Sessions with Lena is like therapy, except I come out looking fabulous!! Her speed is incredible and she never puts in less than 200% into her work!! I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to enhance their beauty."

Jennifer W.4/22/14

"Lena did an excellent job and is very personable as well. My mink lashes are very comfortable and they look amazing. I have received a ton of compliments in just three days with them on. All around very pleasant experience and I plan on going back. I love Lashes by Lena LookLashLounge! Definitely book your next appointment here!"

S D.4/18/14

"I've been getting lashes for 7 years, I had my first full set from Lena 2 months ago and they are the best set I've ever had! Typically as time goes on the lashes usually get twisted and unruly, along with falling out...Lena' s lashed are still hanging in there after 2 month, they still look really good. I highly recommend her, she is the best!"

Stacy J.4/16/14

"Lashes looked so good, I was seriously tempted to try to make out with Lena!"

Jennifer K.4/07/14

"I love my new lashes. I am in Cabo on vacation and there is no need for me to wear makeup. What a treat. Thank you Lena. All my friends are very impressed and I have been recommending Lena to everyone."

Trina R.4/05/14

"I love Lashes by Lena LookLashLounge! Definitely book your next appointment here! Lena is awesome at totally transforming your lashes into something amazing! Whether you prefer an everyday natural look or a vogue look, Lena is certainly a professional that will take care of you. "

Carlena H.3/21/14

"If your looking for the perfect lash application then this is the place. Minks, faux minks, 4D Lashes. Every size, length and color you could want"

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