Look Lash Lounge Salon and Spa is achieving great lengths in beauty and service. Health and longevity is of the utmost importance with any service. All products used are specially designed for each service and are of the highest quality and standards. Complimentary consultations are provided with every visit to ensure proper after care and the best possible experience for our guests.


Taking Great Lengths in Beauty and Service

Our Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent, individually applied and water proof.  During your consultation your eyelash extensions will be uniquely customized to fit your desired look.  Your lashes will be applied by a licensed, certified lash specialist.  While lying down with your eyes closed, in a relaxing setting your extensions are applied one by one to an individual natural lash.  All products used are specially designed for each service and of the highest quality and standards.




With a Variety of lengths, curls and thickness to choose from you can help create the look you've always wanted.  This is the application that started it all, and is still very popular.We apply these synthetic lashes one by one to your natural lashes and a glamorous dramatic, or  beautifully subtle look will be created. 

Recommended fills 2 to 4 weeks 

4D Volume

This lash application is often used for someone with sparse lashes or someone who wants more control over the amount of volume applied.  Volume lash applications require a specialized technique with intricate precision.  This revolutionary application allows for 2 to 6 very fine lashes to be applied to a single natural eyelash virtually weightlessly.  Giving you beautifully soft, voluminous lashes that could not be achieved through the classic one to one application.

Recommended fills  3 to 5 weeks



100% Mink extensions are feather soft and very in size and length organically.  These lashes are applied one to one creating an amazingly natural and elegant look that's perfect for adding length to fine lashes.

Recommended fills 2 to 4 weeks